Video Portfolio


Tie Boss is a unique tie-down system that can be used to easily secure cargo and, in some instances, lift and store heavy items safely out of the way.

Here’s one of several videos created for the official Tie Boss website that shows how this simple tool can be helpful when preparing for an exciting outdoor adventure!


You may have heard that Steve McQueen’s original 1968 Bullitt Mustang recently sold for an amazing $3.4 million (keep in mind it was purchased new for just $3,500).

Monell Comm was hired by our friends at MagneRide to capture footage of the famous pony car at NAIAS in Detroit and then package that footage into a series of social media presentations. This particular video was especially well received.

Wanna check it out?

Well then hit the play button and get ready for a little Steve McQueen coolness.


If you have the opportunity to visit Rio De Janeiro, you’ll find that the famous destination by the sea is a city of contrasts. Here’s a portion of a mini-documentary MCOMM produced that focuses on that beautiful, yet controversial location.


Gala of Hope has a mission to eliminate cancer in Dayton, Ohio and its surrounding communities. Since 2014 GOH has contributed millions to cancer research and provided assistance to numerous local patients and their families. Here’s a brief story of one such family that received support from Gala of Hope Foundation.


There’s a thing in the biz that we affectionately call the “In the Front Door, Out the Back Door” video. It’s a straight-forward facility tour designed to showcase an organization’s unique capabilities.

Here’s one for the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, known worldwide for their state-of-the-art campus and unsurpassed training techniques.


We’ve all been there.

You order a delicious pumpkin spice latte (with whip cream of course), only to find that a latte is way too cool… for you.

Here’s one of fifteen Barista Cafe social media commercials with a solution to that very frustrating coffee shop dilemma.


Let’s not kid ourselves, some projects are better than others. And what could be better than shooting time lapse photography at Yosemite on a beautiful summer morning?



In the mood for a little fun? Then take a look at this award winning video created for the International Door Association.

Special thanks to actors Christine Brunner and Caitlin Deer. Those girls are terrific. Oh my!

Terranea Resort

We certainly do many full-blown productions, but at times we’re also asked to create quick and easy presentations for our clients. Here’s one that promotes an incentive trip for a financial group.

We’ll see you at Terranea!

Fundraising Campaign

Join the MCOMM crew as we take a trip down memory lane to set the stage for a high school fundraising campaign.

Was there really a time when gasoline was just 27 cents a gallon? You bet. Take a look.


No matter what project we might be working on, we take great pride in the fact that it always looks amazing and, perhaps more importantly, that it communicates a clear, concise, effective message. Case and point; here’s a promotional video that’s currently being used by one of our clients to showcase the features and benefits of their entry-level Industrial Bar Feeder.

Now, if you don’t happen to work in manufacturing, a Bar Feeder is a sophisticated piece of equipment that loads metal stock into CNC machines.

That help? No?

Well, you may need to chat with a manufacturing engineer for additional information… those guys know EXACTLY what we’re talking about. Until that happens though, just kick back and enjoy the cool images and hip music.

Glass, Water & Ink

Grab one glass trophy, fill an aquarium with MANY gallons of water, add several containers of colorful ink, set the cam to high-speed and… voila! Another delicious video (this one was used to kick off a large corporate awards ceremony).

Go ahead and click the play button. If you like what you see, give us a call and we’ll cook one up for you too.

 Barista Cafe

What are the four most awesome things in life? Pizza, french fries, donuts and… coffee.

Check out this video to see how you can make your coffee even MORE awesome. It’s Barista Cafe Flavored Latte Foam!

Magneride Corvette

This short video was produced to visually explain the MagneRide suspension system on Chevrolet’s famous Corvette. “Sport” mode for aggressive handling, “Tour” mode for an everyday cruise.

Fast cars. Fast music. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Aliens. Vampires. Zombies.

“Aliens. Vampires. Zombies.” A commercial spot for our favorite law firm that we like to think is a bit different from what you typically find on the tube.

By the way, our little friend is still hanging out at the studio. We call him “Roswell”.

Pancho and Lefty

The “Legend of Pancho and Lefty” was created to kick-off the International Door Association’s annual convention, held one particular summer in San Antonio, TX.

We tip our hat to Jeff Friend for a great original score. Pancho is very proud.


Everyone’s favorite chip or pretzel is made by Mike-sell’s… they are delicious! We’ve been told that our commercials promoting their extensive product line are pretty tasty too.

Interviews. Testimonials.

We get lots of calls and emails wanting to know if we shoot interviews and testimonials. So, here are a few short clips that show a variety of set-ups and locations for testimonial driven productions.

Interviews? Testimonials? Yeah, we do that.