Off To Paris Kentucky (and France too)!

February 7, 2014

This has been a week of preproduction in preparation for several shoots that will keep us busy through the end of April. The next three months should be quite diverse, including revisions to a training series that we first produced in 2011, and location shoots that will take us from Paris, Kentucky to Paris, France. Unfortunately, all will require that we spend time in the great outdoors, so a little cooperation from Mother Nature would be much appreciated.

Preproduction is typically where I “sweat” things out a bit, but once I have a working script and shot list down on paper… the fun can begin. I’m always sure to let clients know that a script is the most important component of any production, the rest is just painting by numbers. My crew will tell you that I’m pretty good at sticking to a script, and to the corresponding plan I lay out before a shoot, but I’d like to think that I’m also flexible enough to recognize the opportunities that arise as we go along. Something unexpected ALWAYS pops up, and thankfully a client or crew member will make a suggestion for a creative approach that never crossed my mind. I love that.

Well that’s a wrap for the day. After a week in front of the computer I need a break, so I’m off to check out a camera gimbal for our RC helicopter. Sorry that we haven’t gotten around to editing any of the aerial footage we’ve recently shot, I promise it’s in progress. Until then, here’s a cool (and a little frightening) video that I came across on YouTube. As always, let me know what you’ve been up to, and please contact MCOMM if we can be of assistance on your next big job.

Ray Monell