Happy New Year

January 9, 2014

First of all, happy 2014! Looking forward to creative, exciting times in the coming year.

Lots of activity this week. Finishing up 2 projects, and beginning pre-production for a week in New Orleans and an overseas shoot in France… especially looking forward to getting back to France.

We’re trying a few new things at MCOMM, most notably shooting selective projects with DSLR equipment. So far, a very cool way of doing things… compact gear that’s great for air travel, cameras that can fit into unusal spaces for unique perspectives, and of course, the dynamic images that we’re getting with quality “glass” are fantastic. Lovin’ our Zacuto rigs and Canon cams.

After 2 years of practice, we’re also finally capturing some pretty amazing aerial footage with RC helicopters, quadcopters, and GoPro cameras. We’ll try to get a few clips up on this site soon and you can let us know if we need additional flight training or if the stuff is in fact as good as we think. Of course we haven’t forgotten about the “Old School” approach to production and continue to do a lot of work with our traditional HD gear.

OK, time to call it a wrap. Please check out our portfolio, and contact us if we can assist you with your next production. Also, if you’ve recently been involved in an interesting shoot, let me know what type of things you ‘re doing, love to hear from you.

Until next time.

Ray Monell