January 14, 2014

Another busy week, and like most others, it was filled with unexpected changes and a few surprises.

First a last-minute postponement of a studio shoot  (we’re in the process of rescheduling), and then a crash of one of our main computers… that’s NEVER good. Luckily we had everything fully backed-up and were able to transfer all of its data to a new iMac. If you’re not backing up your computers, I highly recommend you start, I shudder to think of the consequences had we not. We also completed six web-based videos for the International Door Association, one of our favorite clients, and began post-production for a local corporation. Whew!

And now something a little more exciting.

UPS just delivered a new Zacuto Z-Finder Pro that I’ll be using next week in New Orleans, and so far the bad boy looks pretty cool. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re doing more and more shooting with DSLR rigs, and while these set-ups have certain benefits, at times I tend to miss the functionality of “broadcast” gear. Setting focus and iris, or simply composing a shot under bright/exterior conditions can be tenuous. While the screens on our Canon cams are great, there are situations when I’m less than certain of the quality of an image that’s being caputured. I’ll find out if a more traditional viewfinder helps solve that issue while I’m shooting in the “Big Easy”… I’ll keep you posted. If you’ve been shooting with the Zacuto, I’d love to hear your thoughts, send me a note.

Well that’s a wrap for the day. Looking forward to warm weather, good music, and Cajun cooking. Sometimes you just can’t beat a location shoot.

Until next time, Adyeu!

Ray Monell