May 1, 2014 Just in from a week on the road with IDA

Just in from a week on the road and another successful show for the International Door Association. If you’ve been keeping up with some of our recent blogs, you know that IDA’s annual convention was held this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center and hosted by the fabulous Paris Hotel. And yes, that’s why… ( read more )

April 8, 2014 Hectic is good

Happy to say that things are a bit hectic here at MCOMM studios. Hectic is good. We’re putting the finishing touches on the media we’ve been creating for the International Door Association’s annual convention (held this year in Las Vegas) and also just wrapped a collaborative shoot with the creative guys from Simplifilm. Simplifilm is… ( read more )

March 11, 2014 My Camera Case Is Loaded With Crown Royal Bags

So, we’re getting ready to head to Europe for a week-long shoot and packing our gear, when I notice something that a Customs Agent may consider alarming – a camera case loaded with Crown Royal bags. I probably need to explain. About two years ago a client presented me with a bottle of Crown to… ( read more )

February 21, 2014 That Tan is NOT from a Tropical Location

Not to brag, but I just received a compliment from a cute waitress on the golden-brown tan that I’m sporting this week. Now, I’d like to say it’s from an exciting shoot we just wrapped in a faraway tropical location, but the truth is it’s actually the result of a week of exposure to the UV… ( read more )

February 7, 2014 Off To Paris Kentucky (and France too)!

This has been a week of preproduction in preparation for several shoots that will keep us busy through the end of April. The next three months should be quite diverse, including revisions to a training series that we first produced in 2011, and location shoots that will take us from Paris, Kentucky to Paris, France…. ( read more )

January 27, 2014 Beignets in the Crescent City

Back in the studio after a successful 5-day shoot in the Crescent City, and not only did photographer Chris Snyder (view some of Chris’s work here) and I have a chance to sample a few delicious beignets and drink a bit of chicory coffee at the world famous Cafe’ du Monde, we also had ample… ( read more )

January 14, 2014 Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Another busy week, and like most others, it was filled with unexpected changes and a few surprises. First a last-minute postponement of a studio shoot  (we’re in the process of rescheduling), and then a crash of one of our main computers… that’s NEVER good. Luckily we had everything fully backed-up and were able to transfer… ( read more )

January 9, 2014 Happy New Year

First of all, happy 2014! Looking forward to creative, exciting times in the coming year. Lots of activity this week. Finishing up 2 projects, and beginning pre-production for a week in New Orleans and an overseas shoot in France… especially looking forward to getting back to France. We’re trying a few new things at MCOMM,… ( read more )

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