My Camera Case Is Loaded With Crown Royal Bags

March 11, 2014

So, we’re getting ready to head to Europe for a week-long shoot and packing our gear, when I notice something that a Customs Agent may consider alarming – a camera case loaded with Crown Royal bags.

I probably need to explain.

About two years ago a client presented me with a bottle of Crown to show his appreciation for a successful production… and the practice caught on. After a shoot a happy customer would ask my favorite drink, and magically another bottle of Crown would appear.

Crown Royal is a great beverage, and if you don’t already know, each bottle is packaged in a very nice fabric bag. And here’s the thing, the bags not only make an attractive package for whiskey, they are also fantastic for stowing and organizing small items in a large case. Have a few extra batteries? Throw them in a Crown bag. How about a GoPro housing? Crown bag. European power adapters? Yep, Crown bag. The possibilities are unlimited. And hence my dilemma, a Think Tank camera case loaded with Crown Royal bags.

Now, I’m not sure what to do at this point. We’re about to head to the airport, there’s no time to repack, and besides, I absolutely love my Crown (bags). So I guess I’ll just hope for the best as I go through Customs. Maybe they won’t open my case, but if they do, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the agent is a whiskey drinker too.

Until next time.

Ray Monell