Check out these behind the scene photos captured at recent MCOMM productions.

This little beauty just arrived at the studio! Hats off to the entire MCOMM crew.

studio photo shoot

Studio photo shoot at MCOMM.

Video editing in Paris

Video post production in Paris.

documentary shoot

Lafayette Escadrille documentary shoot.

video shoot

Another day, another studio shoot.

Wide angle camera guy

Careful! You’ll put an eye out with that thing.

Eric driving a Sherman Tank

Eric driving a Sherman Tank. Not good.

Lorrie Morgan

Country music star Lorrie Morgan performs in Nashville on a stage designed by MCOMM.

Photo shoot at Fifth Street Brew Pub

Photo shoot at Fifth Street Brew Pub.

the alamo

There’s no basement at the Alamo.

houston problem

Houston we’ve got a problem.

biker crew

The MCOMM crew makes a cameo appearance for “Hit the Road”. Some roles come naturally.

shooting Tower Bridge

London calling.

vegas stage

Another stage designed by MCOMM. Cool.

Gene Kranz

Gene Kranz. “Failure is not an option”.

vette in video studio

Cars? Yeah, we shoot those.

An awesome stage created by MCOMM for a large event in Las Vegas. Elvis dropped in and gave his approval. Thank you. Thank you very much.

3dr drone

Airborne with an MCOMM drone.

Paris window

View from our Paris edit suite. Tres Bien!

WWI Nieuport

Positioning a Nieuport for its close up.

Jeffrey Friend in concert

Wrapping a live FaceBook Christmas concert at MCOMM studios with musicians Jeff Friend, Lee Swisher and John Hughes.

The Walking Dead

Shooting in Senoia, GA with Rick, Daryl and Glenn.

The Squints.

Jeff Friend in concert

Our own Jeff Friend entertains a Nashville audience with yet another original tune.


Hangin’ with the undead.

Atlanta video crew

Wrapping a gig in Atlanta. Where the heck is Rick?!

Ray Monell and Jeffrey Friend cross Abbey Road

John and Paul cross Abbey Road.

Eiffel Tower

Paris Space Needle.

Golden Gate Bridge

Ray in San Francisco with a DSLR… not exactly following the rules.

Chris Gardner

Christopher Gardner, keynote speaker and author of The Pursuit of Happyness, takes the stage.

Gene Kranz

Ray & Gene Kranz. Where’s Chuck?

Sherman tank

Tanks? Sure, we shoot those too.